Go Run!!

So, I have been up since 5:15 AM, getting kids off to school and cross country practice. The dog has been walked and I have eaten my Quaker Oatmeal for energy! My schedule shows me running 6 miles and doing it right now! And yet, I find myself stalling, making excuses and procrastinating. Why? GO RUN!!

I love to run! I love the thoughtlessness of it! The lack of telephones, televisions and computers that tend to distract me. It is just me, the road and my music! What’s not to love! Even the weather is perfect today, mid 70’s and sunny! GO RUN!!

But I have so much to do today, can I really fit in a 6 mile run? I have to:

  1. Make an emergency trip to Pet Co for dog food…sorry CC, no chicken for you tonight!
  2. Go to grocery store to buy the chicken for dinner…sorry kids no Taco Bell for you tonight!
  3. Meet friends at the gym for a workout
  4. Pick up 4 sweaty lacrosse players and drive them home
  5. Make the chicken and feed the dog
  6. 4, uhh no… 5 loads of laundry, including the sweaty lacrosse clothes that must be clean by 5:30 AM tomorrow
  7. Keep up with my emails
  8. Post a new message on my blog
  9. Watch Biggest Loser
  10. Help with homework
  11. GO RUN!!!!

You see, I was really suppose to go yesterday, but my running partner niece, Lisa, was sick. Then I had to set up my blog and then I started looking at other blogs and before I knew it, it was 11:30 PM and time for bed.  Now I am wondering why didn’t I just do it yesterday? GO RUN!!!

So, now that I have stalled for another 30 minutes, I really must go…oooh wait my phone is ringing!



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