Cold Weather Race Day…Again!

cold_weatherI live in Florida, this I think we might have established in a previous post. And when you think of Florida, you think of what? Warm weather, Disney, warm weather, oranges, warm weather, beaches, and warm weather right? Ha! Not so much warm weather in Florida this winter!!!

I’m a member of a little running group called “We Run in Skirts”. Our group runs in one race a month and we have cute little running skirts that we normally wear to these races. The reason I bring this up, is because for the last few races, the temperatures here in Florida have been in the 30’s. What? I know…this is not skirt running weather!!! Instead of skirts, we’ve been wearing pants and layers of fleece with hats and gloves. Did I mention that we’re in Florida?

I know those of you up north are laughing right now! But you know, we aren’t use to these conditions. We’re use to running in sunny, early morning 60° temps. If we lived in Buffalo, we’d be use to running in snowy, 20° temps and we’d have all the necessary layers. But we don’t! We aren’t checked out on the whole nose running, lung burning, frost biting thing! Nor should we be! We live in Florida and Florida=warm weather! Why can’t Mother Nature understand this?

Forecast for Saturday, February 21st

  • 6:00AM – 40°F will feel like  37°F
  • 9:00AM – 52°F will feel like 50°F
  • 12:00      -64°F will feel like 64°F

Go figure!


One thought on “Cold Weather Race Day…Again!

  1. I’m in South Florida and I know what you are saying about the lung burning when it gets cold here. I just keep trying to remember that in no time it will be sweltering!

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