My New Hobby

thru-the-trees211OK, so I think I found a way to combine my two favorite hobbies into one new one!!

I went to see “Yes Man” yesterday, you know the Jim Cary movie about the guy that says yes to everything.  I was in hysterics when the female lead, Allison, a modern day hippie chick, explains that one of her jobs is teaching  people how to take pictures while running 5 miles.  The next scene is a group of runners stretching out, with cameras around their necks. OMG, I was dying!!! Then, they started out on their run, clicking pictures as they ran past everything from trash cans to park benches.  Now you have to understand, I am a picture fanatic! I always carry a camera and am sort of known as the picture-taking queen in certain circles. And I am also a runner! I love the early morning run because of the absolutely amazing scenery. So when I saw this, I started thinking that maybe there is actually some benefit to combining these two hobbies! I mean think about it…how many times have you been out for a run and seen the most amazing sunrise/sunset, or wildlife that’s doing something wild, or scenery that is beyond beautiful! Wouldn’t it be nice to share that beauty with the non-runners? Maybe this would entice them to run! OK, I know, many of the pictures you take while running will be blurry, but maybe this blur will add to the beauty!

I don’t know, I think I might try it on my next run! Stay tuned for my blurry pictures!


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