In my last post I made a pledge. A promise to myself, and, as I now know, all of you who follow my silly little blog! I didn’t really think much about this promise, until I started hearing from some of my followers, (huh, followers? Really?) telling me that they are looking forward to hearing about my progress. Really? You care about me? About whether I get off my duff and run a mile or more? Wow! That’s exciting, and actually quite motivating! You see, now it’s not just me hoping that I can do this! There are witnesses and that means the pressure is on!! I kind of like it!

feet-treadmill-walking-smallThese last few days have been interesting! I wake up thinking about when I’m going to fit my run into my “mom” schedule. Wondering how far I should run and how to fit my triathlon training in, too! I’ve had to be a little creative! Running at times that I normally wouldn’t! And even using the dreaded treadmill! You see, I loath the treadmill! I feel like a caged rat exercising for someone else’s entertainment! Being that I live in sunny Florida, I have the luxury of running outside year round. But there are days when I have to use the dreadmill, and today is one of those! UGHHHH! I feel my rat tail growing as we speak!

So, what I’ve noticed is that I start out my run, thinking that I will just run a couple miles. But after I get running, I keep running. It’s nice knowing that I can run just one mile if I want and it will still count towards my goal! But I can’t stop after just a mile! I never thought I would see that day! Take Sunday…I went for a swim and decided to go for the whole 1/2 mile…36 laps. I took A LOT of wall breaks, mind you!  I came home and started out on my run, thinking I would go for a mile and then turn around. But once I got my pace I couldn’t turn around. I kept thinking of the triathlon and how I would be swimming 1/2 mile, biking 12 miles and then running 5K. I could surely complete 2 with no problem, right? Well, again I was exhausted for the rest of the evening! And I still am! OK it could have something to do with losing an hour of sleep! But I am just wiped out!

So while I am continuing to keep my promise to run everyday, I feel as though my body will never get use to all this activity! I mean, I am just mom! Right?


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