So this morning I actually got myself out the door for a run before the sun was up! Way before the sun was up!!! It was a great morning for a run! 65°F which is the absolute perfect temperature! It’s not so cold that you have to wear a jacket, and not so hot and humid that you can’t breathe! (Ahhhh, Florida humidity, you’ve got to love it! NOT!!) And since the sun wasn’t out it wasn’t blinding me as it came across the lake!  It was really quiet, in fact, I only had to muster the energy to say “good morning” to 1 person! NICE!

I really am puzzled as to why I don’t run in the mornings. I am up at 5:30AM and have plenty of time to squeeze in a run if I would just get out there! I really enjoy the feel of the morning run! There is something exhilarating about going from sleep to 6 mph. There’s nothing better than the feeling of the endorphin rush while everyone else is still in bed! And, of course, there’s the whole getting the run out of the way! My day is free now! I LOVE THE MORNING RUN!!

So, now it is 8:54AM and I’ve already run, showered, dressed, eaten, and guzzled my coffee! Oh and don’t forget the 2 lunches I packed and 3 breakfasts I made…all at different times mind you!  So now what do I do? I’ll  be done with all my “chores” by 10:00AM and the rest of my day is empty!!! Hmmm… what to do…OH I know!!! I’ll go shopping!!! I haven’t done that in a while! (Monday) I really do have a few things that I NEED! So I’ll go stimulate the economy, while edging the family ever closer to needing a bail-out! Wish me luck!