Injury! :(

Florida Rain

Florida Rain

Well, the weather today in FL is very wet and dreary, which fits with my mood. You see, I may have an injury. I’m not sure, but my big toe on my left foot is a little suspect. It is a little pink around the nail bed and every once in a while I can feel it throbbing. I’m hoping that it is just a passing thing, but it may actually be a toe nail injury, which would really stink! While it isn’t hurting all the time, it has made itself known in the wee hours of the morning, by waking me. Yet, it doesn’t hurt when I run! Go figure! My toes have plenty of room in my running shoes, so it isn’t like they are jamming into the end with every step. But there is something going on, that’s for sure!

So, you know, I have this new challenge to run at least a mile everyday! Well, I am wondering if this injury isn’t a result of that. Could the excess running be causing the injury? Maybe…but then why doesn’t it hurt when I run? I will keep you posted! But I will run!!


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