Happy Easter!!!

OK, OK!!! I know I haven’t written in a while! But it’s been Spring Break! Lousy excuse but, I have had alot going on!

  1. I have been trying to book our trip to Europe for the summer and it has been taking most…no…all of my time! Between deciding on the dates, the cities we want to visit and the order we want to visit them in, the flights, the hotels/apartments in those cities, car vs train transportation, trip insurance, and if there are any races I can run in while I am there!! Now I know why I am not a travel agent any more! It’s exhausting! But I am having fun planning out every last little detail! We are leaving in 57 days!!!!!Woohoooo!
  2. And for those of you watching my running schedule…I have FAILED!!! I started having knee pain and even just running a mile a day was hurting it.  I was advised to take a few consecutive days off. So that blew my “running everyday” goal right out of the water!!! No worries! I will try again, but maybe after the triathlon. I will let you know!
  3. I am still training for my triathlon that is exactly 1 month away!!!!! OMG…is that right? 1 month from today? WOW!!! I need to get my butt moving! But not today! I am going to the beach!!!

I’ll write more later! Have a great Good Friday!dsc_0073


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