A Stormy Day!

dsc_0044Ugghhhh! I hate stormy mornings! I don’t mind if it storms in the afternoon or evening, but thunder and lightning in the morning really mess up my schedule! When I hear thunder, I don’t want to get up, and then once I am up, I can’t go for a run, bike or swim. I know some of you are saying “you won’t melt”, but since I live in the lightning capital, running in a storm is NOT smart! And now we have a tornado watch until 2:00PM. Are you kidding me?

So here I sit, typing on my computer and waiting for the storm to move through. Unfortunately, it seems that it wants to linger over O-town for a while! Maybe this storm system is visiting Disney! You know how long that can take! Maybe it signed up for the free day at the park on your birthday! OOOOHHHH!!!! If you haven’t done this yet and you live close to a Disney park or if you are planning to be in Orlando or L.A. on your birthday click here. It is a really good deal! OK back to me…I guess I can catch up on all my blogs and do some yoga or something! I am a little stiff from my race on Saturday!

Oh yeah, I ran in the Run For God 5K in Sanford on Saturday morning and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! The course took us along the marina at Lake Monroe then down First Street through the center of town and then back to the waterfront for the finish! The sun was rising and it was absolutely gorgeous!!! My time was really good, considering I hadn’t been running for the last week (knee still bothering me a little).  My husband even got out of bed and took pictures with his new 12 foot lens. Haha, it IS really is big! He got some really cool pics of my nieces and me running. What do you think?


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