TGI… Friday!!!!

Slimebo, the Lake Cane Monster!

Slimebo, the Lake Cane Monster!

It is Friday and though I am EXHAUSTED, I am looking forward to a great weekend! I went for a nice long, absolutely beautiful 20 mile bike ride this morning! We even stopped at Starbucks for a Carmel Macchiato! How civilized! All bike trails should have Starbucks and Panera nearby! Maybe the triathlon will have a coffee shop pit stop! A girl can dream can’t she?

My training partner and I are going to do an open water swim tomorrow morning! YIKES!! It’s my first, and I’m a little nervous! Open water means swimming in a lake with snakes, fish, gators and rumor has it, there’s even a monster, Slimebo, that lives in this lake!!! OMG!!! And I AGREED to do this…totally sober!

Dr. Meisenheimer, nicknamed Lucky, is the host of this swimming club and invites the world to come swim 1K with him on Lake Cane, located in Orlando. He and his wife open up their home to friends and strangers every morning (6:30AM weekdays, 7:45AM Saturday) except Sunday. It’s a great way for triathletes to get experience swimming in open water. For directions and further information visit their website. Make sure to check out the Monster page!

I hope I make it back! If I do I will write a post letting you know how I did! If I don’t…the monster did it!


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