Run for the Trees!

dsc_6573It’s Friday! TGIF! It is a gorgeous day in O-town, with blue skies and puffy white clouds! You probably think I’m outside enjoying nature. Right? NOT!! I’ve been busy, sitting on my arse in front of the computer! I know. It’s sad isn’t it? Wasting a perfectly gorgeous day by ignoring it! No worries, I will get some face time with the sun later at happy hour! Yay!  Is there anything better than sipping on a glass of “happy hour” priced wine, while sitting outside in the Florida sun? I don’t think so!

And to top it all off, tomorrow morning is the long awaited “Run For The Trees” race in Winter Park, FL. Not only is it a wonderful course that ends on a private, tree canopied path, but every runner will receive a free tree. Cool, huh? My daughter is actually going to run this one, but only for the tree! She’s already named it and knows where she wants to plant it. What ever!

15 days until the tri!!!! YIKES!!! I really need to get my game on! I’ve been a little lazy, what with trying to work and juggle kids and stuff! I am going to get moving and keep moving until the 10th! I promise! Right now I’m going to go for a run, and then tomorrow I have the run. Sunday, I will do the bike, swim, bike, run tri again. (It was tough but in a gratifying way) Then starting Monday. I will do bricks of either bike, run or swim, bike. Should be good! I will let you know!


2 thoughts on “Run for the Trees!

    • A brick is when you do 2 of the events back to back. For instance, today I am going to bike and then run. This allows you to practice the transition, so you aren’t surprised when your legs don’t want to run after they’ve been biking for 12 miles. It’s actually pretty funny to watch!

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