Swim Girl, Swim!

Swim Girl, Swim!

Only 13 days left until the BIG DAY!!! And by BIG I mean GINORMOUS! It’s my B-day (44-yikes), Mother’s Day (My Mom will be in town, YEAH, and hopefully the kids and husband will be showering me with love and praise) and of course the SheRox Triathlon!! I am starting to freak out now! A little something is flipping in my stomach, and no I didn’t have Mexican food last night!

I guess I should get moving on this whole brick training thing, huh? For those of you that aren’t familiar with bricks, they  are training sessions that include 2 activities back to back, or… if you’re a glutton for punishment, then back to back to back to back… so as to prepare your body for the transitions in the actual race! I wrote about my first bike to run brick a while ago. It was a very strange feeling and, I’m sure, really funny to see! Unfortunately for you…and fortunately for me…no one has surfaced with video of that hilarity yet!


2 thoughts on “AAAGGGGHHHH! 13 Days!!!

  1. Hang in there…it is going to be soooooo much fun!!! Hopefully your husband will document it for all of us!! Good luck!!

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