I must be an athlete…I cut all my hair off

While I have always been an active person, I wouldn’t call myself an athlete. No…far from it! I was a dancer, a gymnast, a cheerleader, a step aerobics addict, and a late-blooming runner. But an athlete…no! I don’t resemble an athlete at all! I don’t have six pack abssixpack…not ever! My arms aren’t chiseled like an athletes.  They’re just regular arms, complete with that little wave jiggle. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

High Def Arms

High Def Arms

Well, through the triathon training, I have realized that I am becoming more and more athletic. Not in the muscle department…no, I still don’t have six pack abs or high def arms…but I did make a MAJOR change! I chopped off my hair! I know! Shocking! But I LOVE IT! It is SO EASY! I don’t have to worry about showering and styling my hair before I work out! Now I just jump out of bed, fix any bed head problems with a little spritz of H2O and I’m off! Why didn’t anyone tell me it was this easy? I’m beginning to understand why most guys wear their hair short! And the word LAZY is popping into my mind! Boys…love you, mean it! But you have to admit that laziness has a little bit to do with it, right?

Girls… take a lesson from the guys! Go short! You will not regret it!




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