Tri-24 Hours and Counting! OMG!

14744721_861d14d9fcOK, so by this time tomorrow morning I will be swimming along side 2000 of my new bestest friends! Can’t you just picture it? 2000 women wearing some form of pink and big smiles, leisurely swimming across Bay Lake. All 4000 arms (did I do the math right?) moving in unison, as if we had choreographed this entire ½ mile swim down to the last breath. Now, wake up from your dream and reality will be kicking you, no…rather it will be kicking me in the face and the stomach! This is more along the lines of what I am picturing for the SheRox Triathlon!An all out fight to the finish with women dragging themselves out of the water all bloody and bruised! HELP!

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that Sunday, May 10th is a huge day for me! I’m going to be celebrating Mother’s Day…as  I am a mother and I have a mother, (who happens to be visiting this week! HI MOM!), I’m turning double 4’s (you see it sounds better than 44! Right?) and I’m competing in my first ever, triathlon.  WOW! I have a lot going on! And if that weren’t enough, I decided at the last minute on Thursday, that I would surprise my husband and do a makeover on his home office, while he was away on a business trip! What was I thinking! Huh, I guess I wasn’t! But I did complete it, with the help of my Mom…Thanks Mom…and it looks GREAT!! He was surprised…but now I can’t get him out of there!

So, I’m leaving in a few hours to get checked in to the hotel, tour the course, check in my bike and browse the Expo! YIKES! I thought this day would never come! And now all I can think about is what I’ll feel like once it’s over! I am really excited, but more so to have it over with than to actually do it!  Is this wrong?

I will keep you updated with my progress! Wish me luck!


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