Vacation Guilt

So I’ve come to the conclusion that this is my summer of vacations. 2 weeks in Europe, 1 week at New Smyrna Beach, 3 weeks in Naples (one with the girls, one with the family, and the last for a beach wedding! This is a great thing for ME, but no so much for my marathon training program! I have a schedule and since June 6th, I’ve been ignoring it! Not just not running, but totally ignoring it! It’s still in the back of my head, picking at me, like an annoying insect, but it hasn’t bothered me enough to lace up my shoes and get running.

Now it’s not as though I haven’t tried to run. I have…while in Munich, yeah…it didn’t go so well! You see it was our last day and I got up early and snuck out of the apartment with my ipod and our newly purchased international cell phone (just incase). I, unfortunately, forgot to pickup the directions I had painstakingly mapped out. But I figured I had been all over this neighborhood for a week, I won’t need them. Right!

About a mile and half into the run, I realized that none of these street names looked familiar anymore. I kept thinking that the next cross street would be the one I knew. NO! This is not good! I was officially Lost in Munich! Now, yes I did have this phone, but the only person I knew to call was my sleeping husband. And I think the phone was on silent, so that would have been of no help!

I kept running and came upon a major intersection. I figured I should turn left. I’m not quite sure why. I ran a block or two and came upon a subway station, which I figured would have an area map, to show me where I am and where I want to be. WRONG! There was a map of the immediate area, a two block view. I already knew the name of the street I was on and the street I came from. Ugghhh! I could take the train, but I have no money for a ticket. Or I could try to ask someone, but it was early and my German language center of my brain was still sleeping…soundly!

So I had a decision to make…do I jump on the train and hope I don’t get caught riding without a ticket? Or go back up to the street and find my way! So I decided that I still wasn’t up to my 3 miles, so I thought I would go run my way out of being lost! As I came out of the station I noticed a Hilton Hotel just across the street. I thought…that’s an American Hotel chain, they should speak English and they should have maps. BINGO!

So I ran into the lobby and asked the nice man at the counter if he had a map, while crossing my fingers that he spoke English, or really slow German. English it was! YEAH!  He not only got me a map, he even Google mapped it for me and printed my path home! I am sure he and his buddies got a good laugh for the rest of the day! And actually so did I!

So this is why I have been a little hesitant to venture out again. I don’t like being lost! So Venice, Paris and London…no running for me! I ran at home…1 day…and now I am at New Smyrna Beach and it is REALLY HOT! No running when it’s hot! It’s not allowed! Says me! Maybe it will cool off soon!? I’ll let you know!


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