Mom CAN Run…But She Chooses NOT To!

DSC_2838Yes I have been a SLUG!!! I haven’t been training…at all! And boy can I feel it! I am flabby and feel really out of shape and my mood is up and down like an elevator! Yeh…my husband and kids are loving it….not! But in my defense, I have been traveling A LOT!!! And I tend to drop the training (a nice way of saying “I don’t run”) when I am traveling. I do take my shoes and other running gear, but have yet to use them since my navigation problem in Munich. Hee Hee!

So, here I am packing yet again and, yes, the running shoes & clothes, ipod and Nike Plus kit are in the suitcase…still! We’ll see if I have better luck at the lanai, than in Europe and at NSB. I doubt it! We tend to TALK about doing  A LOT on the lanai, but don’t actually DO anything we discuss! That’s the fun part! We just do whatever we feel like at the moment! No plan, no expectations! So I would have venture a guess that I will CHOOSE NOT TO RUN for another 2 weeks! The marathon is a LONG way away! RIGHT??!?!


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