Girls Vacation vs. Family Vacation

DSC_0155Based on the title of this article, you are probably thinking this is a no brainer, girls vacation wins by a landslide. But I have to tell you, I think it’s a tie. Let me explain…

So, my girlfriends from elementary school (I’d say grade school but that makes me sound REALLY old) and I have been meeting at my parents’ condo in Naples, FL for the last 12 years for some rest and relaxation. It started out as a weekend away, but as the jobs got more stressful and the kids got more demanding, we lengthened it a little each year, working up to a nice long week.

What do we do on this week of relaxation? Absolutely NOTHING!!! No really! We sit on the lanai (penthouse balcony overlooking the Gulf) and reminisce, ponder our lives, read and laugh…A LOT! We’ve decided that the first day is jammie day…we don’t get dressed for the entire day. Haven’t you always wanted to do that? It’s SO nice! We decompress and get reacquainted with each other, since we usually haven’t seen each other for months and sometimes a whole year. The rest of the week is a free for all…weDSC01519.JPG

  • read books…wooohoo! But with no interruptions the books are so much better!
  • have drinks on the lanai at sunset…and for many hours before and after!
  • read magazines…all kinds…anything from Real Simple to Cosmo
  • swim, actually we don’t swim…we read in the pool
  • take afternoon naps…aaahhh
  • go to the movies-some good, some bad…really bad
  • make many trips to the grocery store for more magazines and books, oh and maybe some food
  • make an occasional trip to a restaurant, so we don’t have to cook and cleanDSC_0172
  • spill our drinks on the lanai at sunset…and for many hours before and after!
  • stay up late laughing so hard we cry…this is my favorite!

So after all that fun, how can my family trip live up to that, you ask? Well it has to do with timing! You see, a few years ago I realized that it would be a good, no… great idea to have my husband and the kids come down while I was still at the beach. This way I get 2 straight weeks at the beach! Genius!! Why did it take me so long to figure this out?! (don’t answer that) Now I take the girls to the airport and go back to the condo and get rid of all the incriminating evidence…I wouldn’t want them to think Mom is a lush…hahaha…and wait for the family to arrive!

Yes, it takes me a little time to readjust to “MOM” mode, but eventually I come back to Earth and we have a nice relaxing week at the beach as a family! We…

  • take walks on the beach
  • play board and card games
  • read books and magazines…Family Circle…Good Housekeeping…Teen Vogue
  • swim…yes we actually swim
  • do puzzles…well…I do the puzzle and they fight over who is going to put the last piece in place
  • still make many trips to the grocery…did I mention I have a teenage boy who loves to eat!
  • eat at a restaurant once a day, so Mom doesn’t have to cook…nice!
  • take afternoon naps…there is nothing better!

As this second week comes to a close, I am ready to get home and get my life in order! I have had a week of girlfriend fun and a week of family togetherness. All that’s missing is a week of alone time!  Maybe next year I’ll add another week! HeeHee!


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