I’m still alive…just traveling!

Living out of a suitcase

Living out of a suitcase

HELLO! Long time…I know! But I’ve been REALLY busy traveling around the world! La ti freakin da…I know!  And I am not done yet! One more trip to Naples, FL and then I’m home for a while! YEAH! I never thought I’d be excited to stay home… since as it turns out…I’m a jet setter… without the $$. But I’m actually looking forward to the humdrum of waking up in the same bed for weeks on end! By Thanksgiving I may be ready to head out again!

So I’ve been a bad, bad girl! I haven’t been running…at all! I went for a few walks on the beach, but the desire to get the heart pumping never happened! I know…I know…I have a marathon coming up in January! It is nagging at me constantly! But I have this problem when I’m traveling…I tend to think that I’m on vacation…which means sitting your arse in a beach chair, soaking up the sun, while sipping an alcoholic concoction through a brightly colored umbrella straw from a coconut. No where in this fantasy vacation is there time for a sweat inducing run!

But this morning I actually pulled my shoes out of my suitcase, dug out my ipod, threw on some dirty (yeah I haven’t done any laundry either) running clothes and I actually went for a run. And it REALLY SUCKED!!! I was hoping to get out by 7:00AM, but that didn’t happen…damn computer vortex sucked me in!  Then, I thought maybe by 7:30AM…ummm…no…so I left here at 8:15AM, which is entirely too late to run in Florida in the middle of August! It was so muggy I felt like I was suffocating! Needless to say, I didn’t get my full 4 miles in, but I ran almost 3 miles before my head started pounding and feeling like it was going to explode! Not bad!

But how am I going to run 26.2 miles in January? OMG…what have I done?


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