Back to School

back_to_school_bannerThe kids are back in school. Aaaaaahhhhhh….deep breath in…and slowly…let….it… out. My days are free to do what I want for 6 hours. Yes, 6 whole hours of hot rock massages, deluxe manis & pedis, 2 hour lunches with the girls!!! Sounds wonderful, huh? Yeah, but not my reality!  So, what am I doing? Freaking out!!!! Why, you ask? Ummmm…because I  had a moment of complete delirium when I typed in my credit card number and hit submit, making me $120 poorer, and the proud owner of a piece of paper that says I’ve agreed to run 26.2 miles…woop woop. (Notice the lack of exclamation point) Again, I must convey my feelings of “what the *#$&” have I done!!! (And there are those exclamation points…in triplicate)

Yes, I am the type of person that likes a challenge, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with this particular “challenge”. So I decided to make a plan…a training plan to get me moving in the right direction.  The thing about plans, though, is they’re only good if you actually follow them. Just because it’s on the calendar, doesn’t mean it’s going to get done! And this is where I’m at right now! You see today, my calendar says “Tempo run-5 miles” but my body is screaming “PEACEFUL SLEEP-6 HOURS”.  OK, so which would you listen to? I’m leaning towards the sleep-thing, but the guilt is building….it’s getting really heavy…and yeah…I’m lacing up my shoes now. Looks like guilt won and I am off for my “tempo run-5 miles”. Smiley face 🙂