YawnHello! I’ve been a little lazy with the posts lately, and for that I am sorry! But, I’m just so tired all the time, now that school started! Why you ask? Well, my son, the 15 year old, has to catch his ride to school at 6:15AM…which means he needs to wake up at 5:45AM in order to get a shower, throw on his clothes and run out the door with his breakfast hanging out of his mouth. Much to my chagrin, he is incapable of waking himself up. So this means that good old mom has to get him up…at 5:45AM…UGHGHGHGHGH!

Now, I know a lot of you are probably saying “get him an alarm clock”. OK…I’ve tried this and he sleeps right through that annoying bzzzzzzzzzzz…..bzzzzzzzzzzzz….bzzzzzzzzz sound. So, I figured he needed something a little more powerful and I got him the alarm that vibrates and rolls around while a voice screams insults at him. Oh and the insults get progressively louder. NOPE…slept right through it too!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?

I gave up and resigned myself to the task. Now I wake up at 5:30AM, quickly make my coffee and head upstairs to wake the my sleeping 15 year old baby. I know, I know… “Never wake a sleeping baby”…but I think we need to add to this saying…especially if they’re 15 years old! All you mother’s of teenagers know what I’m talking about! Waking a sleeping teenager is not pretty!!! And yet this is how I choose to spend my pre-dawn hours! 🙂

So, after my son get’s off to school, I have a few minutes to check my emails and tend to my crops on Farmville (Facebook app), a game or two of Farkle and then I’m off to get my daughter up. Are you wondering when I’m getting my runs in? Well, I have to wait until my daughter leaves for the bus at 8:30AM.  It’s not too hot when I leave, but if I have to run anything more than 6 miles it gets a little stifling towards the end. Nothing I can’t deal with, but not pleasurable! Thankfully, my long runs are on Sundays.

I will try to post more frequently…I promise!!! I am hoping that I will eventually get use to the new schedule….but for now all I can say is …YAWN!!!!:O


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