Injury Alert!


So the last time we spoke I was doing great…training for the Disney Marathon, running my miles and feeling GREAT!! OK, yes, I had a blister or two, but I was really feeling GREAT! Then, it started…slowly at first…but the pain was inching its way into my runs. A twinge in my knee, an ache in my hip… the excessive mileage was catching up to me. I couldn’t bend down and get back up anymore. Here I was a 44 year old moving like I was an 80 year old and grunting and groaning like one too! No wonder the elderly are seen as grumpy…pain sucks! It’s getting worse too! I went out for  a short 6 mile run the other day and grimaced and cursed the entire way. Afterwards, I was walking to cool down when I felt a strange pulling sensation in the outside of my left knee. Then, it just went limp. NOT GOOD!! I could barely walk the quarter mile to get home. I stretched as soon as I got home and iced it down, but nothing helped. It was done!!! I limped around for a couple days and decided to give it a couple days off to see if it would start to feel better. Not working! It’s now been 5 days and I’m still in pain, while not as bad as before and I’m not able to run on it. The marathon is in 6 days!!! I am afraid it’s just not going to happen for me! WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! All that training and no pay off!

Well, I guess the ability to walk for the rest of my life is more important than bragging rights. RIGHT? Can I still claim to be a marathon runner if I only ever completed 18 miles? I did run a half marathon race, and despite a few mishaps, I ran a decent race. Is a half marathoner still considered a marathoner? I’m sure all the half marathoners out there are saying yes and all the marathoners are saying NO!!!

I will try to run again tomorrow and see if it’s any better. But for now, I’m not planning on attempting the Disney Marathon 2010…frowny face :((