On The Road AGAIN!!! Really!

Let's run!!!

Hi! It’s been a while and I have been really bad about exercising! I mean REALLY BAD!!! Like no exercise at all BAD! Like sitting on my arse in front of the computer BAD! Like I can’t even do the toilet seat hover, BAD!! TMI? Maybe but it’s true!

It’s February 1st and I am ready to return to the pavement! My knees are recuperated…well… as much as they’re going to…so I’m strapping on my sneakers and hitting the road AGAIN! I’m excited and a little nervous since it’s been so long! What if I can’t even run around the block? What if my lungs forget how to breathe and I pass out? Or worse…what if my hubs runs faster than me? Ha…I won’t let that happen!

My nieces have also been taking a bit of a break! One had a BABY…we’ll let her off the hook!!! And the other stopped due to knee pain and then started doing the P90X workout. YIKERS!!! But we’re all back and ready to get moving again!! We’re shooting for a 5k charity run in March!! Wooohooo!  And I am recruiting my husband!! Yes that’s right! He has agreed that he will start training too!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!! Now I just need to get my kids on board!

Stay tuned!!


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