Disney Princess Half Marathon

Hello! I know its been a very long time, but I’m still hitting the pavement! In fact, we just signed up to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!! WWWOOOHHHOOOO!!!! Are we ready to run 13.1 miles? Hell NO!!! But, we should be ready to run/walk. We even made a plan! No, really… we have a plan!!! And we’ve been training according to the plan. We are going to run the first and last mile and then we are going to do a 3minute run and a 2minute walk!!! We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and it’s actually REALLY FUN! It’s like my Mother-in-law always said…everything is more fun when you make a game of it! So make a game of it we will do!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates on our Princess Half!! Including the ever important wardrobe question…what ever does a princess wear to run a half marathon? You’ll even be able to vote for your favorite outfit!

PS – I have accepted a challenge to post once a day for the rest of the year! So comment my posts with encouragement and ideas! Help keep me writing!!!

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