Princess Race Details

So, I told you that we were doing the Princess Half, and like magic the Race Packet Information magically appeared in my email box! It’s like the Disney Princesses read “Mom Can Run?” HAHAHA!! Anyway…I was browsing through the information & tips and started to get a little concerned about our hasty decision to partake in this 13.1 mile torturous trek! I mean are they trying to scare the bajeeses out of us?

Initially, I was really excited to read all the information and get myself pumped up and ready to go!!! But then I read that we have to be up and on our way from our hotel (which is 3 miles away) to the EPCOT parking lot at 3:30AM…WHATTTT! The last time I was up at 3:30AM I was birthing my daughter! WHY SO EARLY?!?! Don’t you know that all of us need our beauty sleep? Oh I forgot, they’re Princesses… they don’t need beauty sleep! UUGGHH!!! They also say not to really sleep the night before the race, just to rest… WHATTTT?!? I am about to run 13.1 miles, I intend on SLEEPING my normal 7 hours!!!!

Oh, and they say not to eat full meals the day before the race, just eat snacks all day. WHAAATTT?!?!?! I signed up so I could go to the mega-mounds-o-pasta party the night before the race… and now the Princesses tell me that that’s not happening?!?! AARRGGHHH!!!

Oh and THEN I read that my “peeps” or as they refer to them the CHEAR Squad,  have to PAY a fee to get a seat at the finish line. WHAAAATTT?!!? Is it not enough to ask them to …1. get up at 4:30AM to make it over to the start line to get pictures of us, 2. then jump on the monorail and cruise over to the Magic Kingdom to snap a quick shot of us running past them on Main Street, 3. jump back on the monorail and head back over to EPCOT to try to catch a glimpse of us crossing the finish line?!?!?! Now we have to make them pay $$ for this? Needless to say… we will not have any peeps at the race!!! FROWNY FACE 😦

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2 thoughts on “Princess Race Details

  1. You could solve the early rising problem by spending the night “resting” at the start line, then you wouldn’t have to drive the three miles!!! Just joking! Proud of you.

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