photo-117Hello! My name is Kim and I am a Mom who found a passion for running, later in life.  I know what you’re thinking,

  1. “She probably ran track in high school.” Uhmm no, I was the groupie who chased the track star, but there was no running for me!
  2. “She must be super fit and runs marathons.” BZZZZZZZTT WRONG!!! Not yet anyway!! Don’t get me wrong, I am an active person, who has enjoyed  her share of pilates, weight training, step aerobics, and spinning. But I was not a “runner”. I loathed running in school, because I would end up with those annoying stitches in my side. I was always so jealous of Nancy, a classmate, who would go out and run miles and miles and barely break a sweat. Why couldn’t I be like that? I figured it wasn’t in my genes. No one in my family ran and Nancy’s entire family did. So I blamed genetics. I was wrong!
  3. “She’s an endorhin junkie.” Well not initially, but now…yeah!!! I am a card carrying member of the “rush club”. Got a problem with that? :))

The truth, I am a 40+  year old mother of 2 teenagers. I am a busy Mom, what with the taxi service and my amazing ability to say “YES” to every volunteer request that comes my way.  But I felt like I was getting bogged down with everyone else’s punch list and while mine was growing out of control! So, a few years ago, I made my New Year’s Resolution, like I do every year. Usually, it’s a get fit/lose weight promise and I fall off the wagon by the end of January, beginning of February at the latest. Knowing I had to be creative, I decided to resolve to RUN in one charity race a month. Kind of a way to get in shape AND give back to the community. Brilliant, right? How could I fail?

Well, I talked my 2 nieces, who are 20-somethings, into the challenge, too.  Being that we were all novices we all started from the beginning, walking first, then walk running and before we knew it we were running 2 miles  without stopping. By the end of January we were ready to enter our first race…the Run Around The Universe 5K fun run at Universal Studios in Orlando.We had a fabulous time, enjoyed the race and couldn’t wait to sign up for the next one! And that is how my passion was born!

So 4 years later and I’m still running, even though I took an occasional break for a month or two, OK, maybe 3, I always pick it right back up. This blog is my inspiration journal/training log/personal therapist. I hope to keep you up-to-date on my progress in hopes that it will provide you with inspiration…to do whatever you want to do!


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