UPDATE: Run Hubby, Run…

Just wanted to give to you an update on the hubs and his training program. HE’S STILL RUNNING!!! YAY!! This is impressive in itself, but he’s also been traveling and still kept on track with the plan! YAY BABE!!! Are you wondering what plan? Yeah, I realized that we didn’t really set a plan…HAHAHAHAHA! I guess it’s easy to stay on track if you don’t have a track!! Never fear, I came up with a plan and a goal!! I love creating goals for other people!!

So, the plan is to run/walk for 30 minutes, 3 days a week with Sunday being our “long” day.  Eventually, we’ll stop the walk portion and just run. Oh, and the long run, yeah, it will gradually increase each week. 🙂 The goal….MWAAAHHHHH… his first 5K run!!!! We will do Disney’s Expedition Everest Challenge and Scavenger Hunt!!! It’s a team race which starts with a 5K run with obstacles set up along the way, followed by a scavenger hunt through Animal Kingdom®…kind a like The Amazing Race (his fave show). Sounds like fun, huh? It’s perfect for his first race since it’s a night race and the run is split up by the obstacles. OK…it’s a little pricey, but that’s a sure way to keep him motivated. He’s not going to pay the $$$$ and then not run! Hit ’em where it hurts right? Oh and we have Disney passes, so we can make a vacation out of it!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates and more wife-induced goals!!!


Project overload!!!!!

todolistI’m finally home…and I mean home with no plans for a trip in the near future! YEAHHHHH!!!!  I have to say, its really quite nice to know that I can be a home body for the next few months. I’m putting away my suitcase…for real this time! But, I also feel as though it’s time to get my house and, frankly, my life in order. So I’m cleaning out closets…yes, even that big scarey one under the stairs…junk drawers…ugghhh!…and much to my chagrin…the garage!!…can any one tell me why I need a carborator thingy for a boat that we DON’T OWN ANYMORE???? I know…don’t ask! And after being in resorts with their calming, minimalist decor for the last 2 months, I’ve decided that I’m tired of my house cluttered with dust collecting tchotchkes, so I’ve decided to redo!! Exciting yes, but a huge undertaking! HUGE!! Oh and did I mention that we decided that we are going to set up a budget for the household? Yep…and guess who gets to set that up…ME!!…YEAH!!! Not to mention the marathon training plan…the school clothes shopping trip…the school supplies shopping trip…the “Meet the Teacher” days at not one but two schools…oh and my husband will be ping-ponging back and forth across the country for the next few months, so he will be of no assistance. I could go on and on and on!!! But I won’t…cause I think you get my point. I have WAY to much to do and not enough time to do it!

I feel like I’m running as fast as I can…a full out sprint…but that damn finish line keeps moving farther and farther away!!! The first day back always feels a little overwhelming!! I am hoping that as I settle back into my homelife, I will get myself back in a routine! Wish me luck! I am so going to need it!