Kudos to the “Losers”

I consider myself to be in fairly good shape. I run, walk, weight train, eat healthy (usually), and I would consider myself a pretty active middle-aged adult. That being said, I’ve been amazed at how sore I’ve been from my 60+ minutes of P90X every day. Now I know I’m using different muscles in new and different ways, but I never expected to be so sore that I couldn’t move with out groaning like a really, really old person. Again… this is after a measly hour and a half work out.

So, I was watching The Biggest Loser, the other night, and I started wondering why none of these contestants complain about the muscle pain. I mean, we see them working out to the point of exhaustion and quite frequently nausea, but I’ve never heard any of them complain that it hurts to laugh, or move, or even just to take a breath.  Am I just wimpy, wimpy wimpy? Or is this just really good editing?


Biggest Loser!?

dane-biggest-loser-7-134x300I am a big fan of the reality show “The Biggest Loser”! This is a show that takes morbidly obese people and teaches them how to be fit and healthy; what is there not to like!? Have you seen to winners? They look GREAT and they are so inspirational! There was even a guy, Dane, who, after breaking the weight loss record by losing 100 pounds in 8 weeks, just ran a marathon with his wife after returning home from the ranch. Or did he?

As it turns out, he didn’t! He did run 17 miles, but then the producers were worried that they wouldn’t make the “shot” at the finsh line. So they gave him a 3 mile ride, to get him back on pace. Then they got their finish line shot and aired it as though he had actually completed the marathon. Are you kidding me? If I were Dane, I would be extremely ticked!! I mean, to run 23 miles…23 miles!…he only had 3 more miles to go!!! He gave that up for a producer who needed a shot at the finish line. Really?

Then, when it was revealed that he didn’t actually run the whole marathon, this poor man had to take the criticism, when it was the producer that forced the issue! Why isn’t anyone calling out the producer for this bad call? I mean, come on…this man was 412 pounds when the show started. He was sprinting towards certain death! Now, he can run for 23 miles! Kudos to him! May we all learn a little something from this man!

And all you “runners” who are distressed over this false claim, put the blame where it belongs! Blame the Biggest Loser producer who forced Dane to take the ride. And give Dane a break!