Do you run with your iPhone?

Good Monday Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I certainly did, and since the kids didn’t have school today, I got to sleep in a couple hours! 7:30 is a much more civilized wake-up time, don’t you think?



So, I was thinking during my run the other day how convenient it would be if I could run with my iPhone instead of my iPod. Sounds silly right? Let me explain. You see, I got hooked on the Nike+ kit way back when and have been using it for a very long time. For those of you that don’t know what this is, Nike and Apple got together and created a kit that includes a chip that fits into the soul of certain Nike shoes and a transistor that fits into the bottom of your iPod nano that keeps track of how far and how fast you run. When you plug your iPod into the computer, it transfers your information to the Nike+ website. This website gathers all your runs and adds up your total mileage and your times. It is an amazing training tool and for those of us that need to see progress, it’s a must!


Nike+ tracks your runs

So, when I heard that Apple was coming out with a phone, I immediately thought how perfect this would be for runners. We can take one hand held device and have our music, a pedometer and a telephone. No more juggling the phone and the iPod, how ingenious! Right? Wrong! You see the iPhone doesn’t work with the Nike+ kit!  I couldn’t believe it! How could Apple have missed this? It seems so simple, so obvious, right? Well they obviously have the capability because the iTouch not only talks to Nike+, it has a build in transistor. But the iPhone…nothing!

I’ve sent emails and made phone calls asking for an explanation and better yet a fix to this problem, but to no avail! I got info about the GPS applications that will use satellites to determine your location and track your path. That’s cool, but when I used it, the mileage was way off. I don’t know why, but a trail that is marked and should have been 3.5 miles came up to 3.19 which not only messed up my mileage but also my average time/mile. Not to mention the fact that I would have to give up all the mileage I already accumulated through Nike+. BOOHOO!

If any of you have a solution for my dilemma, please comment and let me know! If not,  I urge all you Nike+ lovers out there to write to Apple and Nike and let them know what we want! I know for us it’s obvious, but maybe they just aren’t runners! Maybe they need us to scream for what we want! Did I mention that I don’t want to have to buy another iPhone? I want a fix on the iPhone I just got for Christmas! Am I being too picky?