So I woke up this morning feeling GREAT!! Full of energy and ready to conquer the world. That was 7 hours ago and now I am exhausted and it’s only lunchtime! Now, I know that I have kicked up the rdsc_4213unning thing a tad, but it isn’t like I am running a marathon every day! So why am I so tired!!!

Could it be because I’m not sleeping enough? YES!!! In fact, I am going to blame “lack of sleep” for many of my vices. I’m cranky…lack of sleep! Junk food binge…lack of sleep! Dirty house…lack of sleep! Cranky husband…hmmm…yep…that’s my lack of sleep, too!

I was watching The Today Show the other day and they did a story on a sleep diet. These woman were put on a diet of 7½ hours of sleep every night. Can you imagine being forced to sleep more? Ahhhhh, heaven! These women lost an average of a pound a week and reported that they had more energy and stamina!! Really? Just from sleeping more?

I started thinking about my sleep schedule and how it has changed this year. I used to wake up at 7:00AM on my own, no alarm needed and go non-stop until 11:30PM. Now I am serenaded out of bed at 5:30AM! That’s an hour and a half early. So am I going to bed an hour and half earlier?…NO!! So 1½ hours lost X 5 days (weekdays only), that’s 7½ hours of sleep a week that I’m not getting. That can’t be good! The recommended amount of sleep is 7½ – 8 hours of sleep a night in order to feel energized and lose weight!!! Really… lose weight! Can you believe that losing weight and feeling great could be as easy as going to sleep? I’m going to give it a try…so, GOODNIGHT!!!