Plans Change… We Must Adapt

We all know that even the best laid plans must be altered due to unforeseen circumstances. But, that doesn’t make it any less annoying!!

As you may remember, I have committed to running a marathon this year as one of my resolutions. I would love to do the New York City Marathon, but chances are slim that I’ll win that lottery. So, I had decided that my back-up plan would be the St. Augustine Marathon in November. Well, imagine my surprise when I went to their webpage to check the date and registration information and there’s NO MARATHON!!!! WHAAT?!? Yeah, this year they are only having a 5K, 10K and 21K (or half marathon). BUMMER!!! So what’s a marathon girl to do? Well, I went searching for another marathon, and the only thing I can find that works with my schedule is the Disney Marathon in January, 2013. Does this mean my resolution is a bust already? That depends on how you think about it. I like to say it’s an issue of semantics. Will I have completed the marathon by December 31, 2012? No, but I will have trained for it, and that’s the hard part! Right?

The other change is in the P90X Training program I’m doing. I’m into week 3 and I truly believe it’s working, but I’m a little bored. Oh, and Tony’s voice is grating on my last nerve!!! Yeah, I’ve hit my wall, not with the program but with him. So I’ve decided to not do the video and just do the exercises on my own. And, I even created my own plyometric, interval and ballet workout routines to replace his plyo, shoulders & arms and that stinking kenpo routines.  So, is it really even P90X? Technically, no, but I’m much happier because I don’t have to listen to his voice anymore!!! And my workouts are way harder than his! Stay tuned… I may post my workouts at some point. I have to make sure they work first!!!


2012 Training Plan

First of all, yes, I’m still doing P90X… week 2 is well underway!! I’m still eating clean (or clean enough for me) and logging my food and exercise. You’ve got to love progress!!! I get so inspired when my training plan works! With that in mind, I realized that I needed to sort out my plans for the rest of the year. Yep, I said YEAR! See, I’ve committed to run in the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November with my nieces AND I have the St. Augustine Marathon, which also falls in November. YIKES! So, it was time for me to organize my training schedule. My biggest fear was that these races would fall on the same weekend. But, alas, Disney posted the date for the half and it’s November 10th!!! YAY!! This is a week before the marathon… Pheeww!! Ideally, I should be tapering the week before the marathon, but I’ll just make it work.

So, when figuring out a training schedule, I work backwards. I start on M-Day (Marathon day) and work in the reverse to figure out when to start my training. BUT, I’m also trying to work in the P90X workouts. Yeah, go ahead and say it… OVERACHIEVER!!! I’m thinking that this combination will give me that added strength to succeed at my marathon challenge. I found a plan I like somewhere on the internet. It was a pdf of a Nike Running plan and had beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. So last night I painstakingly entered this plan into my iCal, working in the reverse. I was so proud when I finally finished and my iCal looked all full and busy-like. Then, I went web surfing this morning and found the Nike Running Training site, which allows you to enter the date of your race and it will calculate your plan for you!!! UGH! AND… it will import it into your calendar!!! REALLYY?!?! I couldn’t have found this BEFORE I wasted an hour or so of my life?

Anyway, I officially start training for my marathon in the beginning of May, which happens to be my birthday week! How perfectly appropriate!!! So from now until May, I will continue with P90X, round 1, which will end April 15th. And I may try my own workout from then until May. Or, if I can stand it, I’ll do P90X, round 2! Stay tuned!!!

Happy 2012!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s 2012!!! WOOHOOO!!! So, like every new year, I’ve come up with a resolution. Actually, I have MANY resolutions. Resolutions that will undoubtedly be unresolved by year end 🙂 But if I only complete one of them then I’ll have been successful!!! You see, that’s why I make MANY resolutions, so the odds of succeeding are much better. Some years I even repeat failed resolutions from previous years. Now, some may call that cheating, but I like to think of it as persistence. And persistence is a good trait, right?

Well, one of this year’s resolutions is… wait for it… dum da duuumm…26.2 miles… yup, to complete a MARATHON!! Now, I’ve tried this one once before, but didn’t get to complete it due to injuries. YAY, it’s going back on the list!! I think if I train properly this time, I WILL succeed!! You see, last time my training consisted of just running, with an occasional yoga or pilates class. (Like one of each the entire 20 weeks of training) I didn’t do any weight or flexibility training. I am convinced that these two additions are essential to a successful marathon. We will see!!!

So I’ve decided to commit to this crazy goal, but which marathon shall I do? Hmmmm…

  1. Disney Marathon – well I live in Orlando and could easily do the Disney Marathon, but it’s in early January, which is about a week away. Yeah, not gonna happen! And, if I sign up for next January, I’ve already failed. And that’s just not acceptable!
  2. There’s the Space Coast Marathon which is nearby, but it’s held the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That would mean that we would have to skip our annual Thanksgiving trip to Charlotte… NOPE, not gonna do it!!
  3. ING New York Marathon in November would be fun and the application process (lottery) starts TODAY. This is not only a tough race to get into, but also a rather expensive one! But I signed up for the lottery and I’ll just have to wait and see!
  4. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is in October and is reasonably priced at a mere $150. Registration opens in February, so that’s another option. And I know my hubs would come be my cheerleader, since he LOVES Chi-town!
  5. The St Augustine Marathon is very close to home, which saves $$ on airline tickets, and close enough that I could actually have some peeps at the race!! Hmm, yeah this may be the one!!! Unless, of course I get lucky and get into the ING NYC.

Stay tuned and I will keep you up-to-date on how the training is going!

Free… Yes, F-R-E-E… Marathon

What does the word MARATHON mean to you? Yes, the obvious answer is 26.2 miles of running, walking or crawling, depending on who you are! To me, it’s one of those love-to-hate things like child birth, deep tissue massage or dieting. You know, the intense pain before the immense pay-off! I mean, think about it… when you decide to sign up for that race, you agree to:

  1. commit MONTHS of your life to training
  2. forfeit a couple toe nails for the cause
  3. run through at least a couple pair of rather expensive shoes
  4. live with the aches and pains in the hams, hips, quads and knees
  5. forfeit your normal social life for one centered around the long weekend runs

AND, for all this wonderful (code word for torturous) fun, you would normally, pay (happily, I might add) a couple hundred dollars just to register!!!! Well, I found a F-R-E-E marathon!!! It’s called The Really Big Free Marathon, and it’s in VEGAS on November 3rd!!! WOOHOO!! Here’s the rub… registration opens on March 24th at 12:01AM PST. Yes, that’s Pacific Standard Time, which is 3:00AM for those of us on the East Coast! UUGGGHH!! Eeeh, what’s a little lost sleep in the grand scheme? RIGHT?!?

Hot and Humid Running…UGHH!

So as you know, I’ve been a little lazy about running lately! OK REALLY lazy! But… I’m trying!  I did run a 5K charity race on Saturday after NO training! And frankly, IT SUCKED!!! Not the race itself, but my performance! It was SO hot and humid! I know, I know… I live in FLA, I should be used to it. But to run in the sun is just not fun! Now I sound like Dr. Suess… great! Anyway, I had my iPhone with me and had the Nike + app running, but for some reason it didn’t register my pace or distance only my time. FRUSTRATING!!! So at 1 mile there was a sign, and at 1.5 miles there was a water station. But the entire rest of the race was unmarked. I was convinced at about mile 2.5 that we had run at least 5 miles. That’s what I get for not training! I did finish, even though my time wasn’t good! YAY ME!

Now I’m back on my schedule of 1 charity race a month. I figure it’s the only way I can keep myself motivated. I’m actually hoping to do a couple of half marathons in the fall! Notice I didn’t say FULL! Yes… I still have it in my head to someday run a full marathon, but for now I’ll stick with my halfs. I just want to keep my knees healthy and after my training injury, I decided to take it really slow! Really, really slow! So, I’m starting with an easy 3 days a week 4 miles a day schedule. This should get me through to summer. Then I’ll kick it up a little and add some extra miles! Because I love to run in 120ºF temps! 🙂 The sun beating down, and the sweat stinging your eyes… you’ve got to LOVE it!!!

Injury Alert!


So the last time we spoke I was doing great…training for the Disney Marathon, running my miles and feeling GREAT!! OK, yes, I had a blister or two, but I was really feeling GREAT! Then, it started…slowly at first…but the pain was inching its way into my runs. A twinge in my knee, an ache in my hip… the excessive mileage was catching up to me. I couldn’t bend down and get back up anymore. Here I was a 44 year old moving like I was an 80 year old and grunting and groaning like one too! No wonder the elderly are seen as grumpy…pain sucks! It’s getting worse too! I went out for  a short 6 mile run the other day and grimaced and cursed the entire way. Afterwards, I was walking to cool down when I felt a strange pulling sensation in the outside of my left knee. Then, it just went limp. NOT GOOD!! I could barely walk the quarter mile to get home. I stretched as soon as I got home and iced it down, but nothing helped. It was done!!! I limped around for a couple days and decided to give it a couple days off to see if it would start to feel better. Not working! It’s now been 5 days and I’m still in pain, while not as bad as before and I’m not able to run on it. The marathon is in 6 days!!! I am afraid it’s just not going to happen for me! WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! All that training and no pay off!

Well, I guess the ability to walk for the rest of my life is more important than bragging rights. RIGHT? Can I still claim to be a marathon runner if I only ever completed 18 miles? I did run a half marathon race, and despite a few mishaps, I ran a decent race. Is a half marathoner still considered a marathoner? I’m sure all the half marathoners out there are saying yes and all the marathoners are saying NO!!!

I will try to run again tomorrow and see if it’s any better. But for now, I’m not planning on attempting the Disney Marathon 2010…frowny face :((

Attack of the BLISTERS!

sandfootprintHave you missed me? Have you…huh, huh, huh? Well, I’ve been really busy! Doing what… you ask? Um, running, sleeping, and eating. Yeah that’s pretty much it…I wake up and do the mommy thing…shuffle the kids out the door with their incredibly nutritious pop tarts 🙂 …then I go for a short run…hahahahahaha…short my arse!!! Never would I have thought that I would call an 8 mile run short!!! But I guess in comparison to my Sunday long runs, which are anywhere from 10-20 miles, these weekday runs are considerably shorter. WOW…have I come a long way! Wasn’t it just the other day I was running a long run of 5 miles? Yes it was! How quickly we adapt! I actually look forward to the long runs now!

My last run was yesterday…it was suppose to be between 6-7 miles. So I headed out and was feeling pretty good. But somewhere around mile 1  I started feeling a slight rubbing on my right foot. So I stretched  my toes out and continued on. But then I felt my left big toe start burning…I tried to rearrange my foot, but that didn’t work. By the time I got to mile 4, I was in soooo much pain I had to turn around and head back home after only 5.8 miles…arghghh! I gently pulled off both shoes and peeled off my socks and there it was….a HUGE blister on the side of my big toe! I mean this thing was about an inch long and about to blow!!! And there was a baby one on my other foot. What? Why? I have been running forever and never had a blister. I didn’t change shoes or socks…it wasn’t wet outside and I didn’t run through any puddles, so what happened? I wish I knew! campbells cream of potato

Here’s my assumption…I had a can of potato soup…Campbell’s…for dinner the night before.  Sounds like a decent meal for a runner right? NO!!! It’s LOADED with sodium! And I ate this salt soup with saltines, cause you just have to! So when I tallied up all the sodium I probably consumed in that 1 meal,  it was close to what a person should eat in 2 days!!!! UGGHHHH!!! So the sodium caused my feet to swell thus causing the blisters.  Did I say UGGHHHH?!?!?!

So here I sit staring at my poor feet, riddled with blisters  and wondering if I am going to be able to run this weekend! I’m suppose to run 11 miles tomorrow, and then run two races on Sunday of 5 miles and then 2. Waaaahhhh!!! I don’t know if I can! I’ve come so far and now stupid little blisters are stopping my progress!

I’ll keep you updated! I promise!!!