Happy Belated Halloween!!!

BELATED BOO!!! Did I scare you? No? Well, POO! Yeah I got you there, huh? As any parent knows, POO trumps BOO on the scare meter, anywhere, anytime!! But, is it scarey enough to get you moving? Are you running from your computer, screaming in fear? Good then I have succeeded in my task to get everyone out and exercising off all the sugar we ate yesterday!!

OK, so I have to confess something…I’ve been a little lax in the running lately. There…I’ve said it. Isn’t the first step in solving any problem, admitting that there is a problem? And now I’m gonna want to lace up my runners and hit the pavement. ..right? NO? CRAP!!! Well, I tried!!! In my defense, I have been walking 3 miles 3 times a week with my hubs. So I’m not sedentary, just a tad lazy. Well, maybe lazy isn’t the right word… running in slow-motion might describe it better.

So since I started writing this a couple days ago… yeah maybe lazy is the right word… I added a 2 mile run to my hubby walks. That’s a total of 5 miles!!! Eventually I will have hubs running the 3 mile walk and then I’ll be running 5 miles three days a week. Not bad… I think what I really need is to find a race to sign up for and get myself inspired!!! Stay tuned!!!


UPDATE: Run Hubby, Run…

Just wanted to give to you an update on the hubs and his training program. HE’S STILL RUNNING!!! YAY!! This is impressive in itself, but he’s also been traveling and still kept on track with the plan! YAY BABE!!! Are you wondering what plan? Yeah, I realized that we didn’t really set a plan…HAHAHAHAHA! I guess it’s easy to stay on track if you don’t have a track!! Never fear, I came up with a plan and a goal!! I love creating goals for other people!!

So, the plan is to run/walk for 30 minutes, 3 days a week with Sunday being our “long” day.  Eventually, we’ll stop the walk portion and just run. Oh, and the long run, yeah, it will gradually increase each week. 🙂 The goal….MWAAAHHHHH… his first 5K run!!!! We will do Disney’s Expedition Everest Challenge and Scavenger Hunt!!! It’s a team race which starts with a 5K run with obstacles set up along the way, followed by a scavenger hunt through Animal Kingdom®…kind a like The Amazing Race (his fave show). Sounds like fun, huh? It’s perfect for his first race since it’s a night race and the run is split up by the obstacles. OK…it’s a little pricey, but that’s a sure way to keep him motivated. He’s not going to pay the $$$$ and then not run! Hit ’em where it hurts right? Oh and we have Disney passes, so we can make a vacation out of it!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates and more wife-induced goals!!!

Hot and Humid Running…UGHH!

So as you know, I’ve been a little lazy about running lately! OK REALLY lazy! But… I’m trying!  I did run a 5K charity race on Saturday after NO training! And frankly, IT SUCKED!!! Not the race itself, but my performance! It was SO hot and humid! I know, I know… I live in FLA, I should be used to it. But to run in the sun is just not fun! Now I sound like Dr. Suess… great! Anyway, I had my iPhone with me and had the Nike + app running, but for some reason it didn’t register my pace or distance only my time. FRUSTRATING!!! So at 1 mile there was a sign, and at 1.5 miles there was a water station. But the entire rest of the race was unmarked. I was convinced at about mile 2.5 that we had run at least 5 miles. That’s what I get for not training! I did finish, even though my time wasn’t good! YAY ME!

Now I’m back on my schedule of 1 charity race a month. I figure it’s the only way I can keep myself motivated. I’m actually hoping to do a couple of half marathons in the fall! Notice I didn’t say FULL! Yes… I still have it in my head to someday run a full marathon, but for now I’ll stick with my halfs. I just want to keep my knees healthy and after my training injury, I decided to take it really slow! Really, really slow! So, I’m starting with an easy 3 days a week 4 miles a day schedule. This should get me through to summer. Then I’ll kick it up a little and add some extra miles! Because I love to run in 120ºF temps! 🙂 The sun beating down, and the sweat stinging your eyes… you’ve got to LOVE it!!!

To Run… Or Not To Run… This Is The Question!

Run 5K or drinks with my girls?

The last time I ran was probably in the Trailblazer 5K on March 20th. And before that… hmmmm… I can’t remember! I’ve been trying to be good! I took my running gear on my spring break trip to Washington DC…but didn’t run! I took my stuff to my 10th annual girls’ weekend…but didn’t run! I’ll pack my stuff for my upcoming trip to Charlotte… but I probably won’t run there either! What is my problem??? Hmmm, maybe that I’ve been in vaca mode for a few months?!?!

But I woke up determined yesterday… well maybe not so determined as much as guilt-laden. You see I was going about my morning routine, when a friend called and asked if his son could come over and wait with us until the bus came. After I said yes, I realized that I should probably get out of my jammies. And since my hubby was so good about getting up with my son at 5:30AM and driving him to school and waking my daughter while letting me sleep, I didn’t want to disturb his nap. The quickest and quietest outfit I could grab was my running clothes that were still neatly packed in my suitcase!

Here I was all dressed and ready to run, but I had no plans to actually go for a run. Then, I started thinking of how good it would feel to be out in the fresh air, jamming to my Race Day play list and sweating out the toxic weekend… and I started feeling guilty. So I got my shoes, hat and sunglasses and headed out! And it was AWESOME!!! A little hot & humid towards the 4th mile, but it was really nice early on! I felt great all day long, too! Great enough to make a pact with myself to run at least 3 days a week! But will I keep it up?

I think that since I don’t have any upcoming races on the calendar, I’m being lazy! So I need to book some races! Stay tuned…

Happy Easter!!!

OK, OK!!! I know I haven’t written in a while! But it’s been Spring Break! Lousy excuse but, I have had alot going on!

  1. I have been trying to book our trip to Europe for the summer and it has been taking most…no…all of my time! Between deciding on the dates, the cities we want to visit and the order we want to visit them in, the flights, the hotels/apartments in those cities, car vs train transportation, trip insurance, and if there are any races I can run in while I am there!! Now I know why I am not a travel agent any more! It’s exhausting! But I am having fun planning out every last little detail! We are leaving in 57 days!!!!!Woohoooo!
  2. And for those of you watching my running schedule…I have FAILED!!! I started having knee pain and even just running a mile a day was hurting it.  I was advised to take a few consecutive days off. So that blew my “running everyday” goal right out of the water!!! No worries! I will try again, but maybe after the triathlon. I will let you know!
  3. I am still training for my triathlon that is exactly 1 month away!!!!! OMG…is that right? 1 month from today? WOW!!! I need to get my butt moving! But not today! I am going to the beach!!!

I’ll write more later! Have a great Good Friday!dsc_0073

Eye to Eye…with a beast!!!

raccoonIf you read my training page you probably already heard about my encounter…but if not, let me recap the experience for you!

I procrastinated yesterday, and before I realized, it was 10:00PM and I still had to get my 1 mile run in! So, I laced up my shoes and grabbed my ipod and started out the door. But, my husband, sweety that he is, said he would come out with me and walk while I ran my normal route. He is the sweetest man…EVER!!! I hate running in the darkness of night by myself!  The darkness of morning, I am fine with…go figure!

So, we set off and I ran ahead, tunes cranked, thinking about world peace and tomorrow’s dinner menu. As I came around the bend in our street, not even 200 yards from our house, I saw a shadowy figure hunched over a pile of tree branches. I immediately thought that it was one of the wild, or shall I say homeless, cats that live in our neighborhood. But after a double, triple and quadruple take, I realized that this “CAT” was HUGE!!! If it was a homeless cat, then it must have eaten its home and everything in it! Suddenly it looked up and locked eyes with me! I didn’t know what to do! What’s the protocol when running into a homeless cat? Don’t make eye contact…do make eye contact…act dominant…act subservient? I couldn’t think!

It’s yellow beady eyes stayed on me as it slowly crossed the street in front of me. It stopped at the curb and raised up onto its back legs,standing-raccoon showing its full size! YIKES!!! It really was HUGE!!! But I could tell, now, that it was a raccoon, a very well fed raccoon! This thing was twice the size of my overweight cocker spaniel! Obviously, it was not afraid of me! I figured that the sound of my feet hitting the pavement would scare it away, but… uh… no!  It just stayed there, raised up on his haunches watching me as if he were critiquing my technique! Again my brain froze and I couldn’t think of what I should do. Normally, my brain would scream “RUN!!”…but I was already running…just in the wrong direction! Finally, it clicked, and I abruptly turned around!

My husband, not knowing what was going on, looked puzzled as he chuckled at me sprinting back towards him, with a look of terror on my face.  I explained what had happened and we continued on towards the raccoon. I  was hiding behind him as we approached the beast again! Evidently, we looked a little more daunting, because the beast sauntered off into the bushes, without even looking back.

I continued my run, but I couldn’t help but think about the family of dumpster-diving black bears that live near our neighborhood, too. Needless to say, I ran my fastest mile…EVER!!

The Morning After…

Can you find me? Hint...I'm the sweaty one!

Can you find me? Hint...I'm the sweaty one!

OK, I had a TERRIFIC weekend!!!! I spent 3 sun-filled days at the beach with my girlfriends, enjoying the sun & surf! We ate lots of junk food and drank…a lot!!! I did, however, get my runs in!!!! I even ran what I am calling my Girls’ Gone Wild 10K! In case you haven’t been following the blog…I was suppose to run in a 10K race with my nieces, but decided that a weekend with my girlfriends was more important for my sanity! But, since I had already agreed to run a 10K, I decided to run it on my own! And I did! Even after a late night of adult beverages and junk food! Not to mention running on the beach, that, while it sounds amazing, is actually quite difficult!! (My legs are still sore!) The proof is in the picture! I’m the sweaty one!! Poor Jen and Kay had to stand beside me! They really ARE good friends!!!

The run on Sunday was actually harder for me than the 10K! You see we were out carousing until 4:00AM and I woke up at 8:00AM for no apparent reason! 4 hours of sleep and a few Stella’s make for a very grumpy ME!! I did not run at the beach as I had planned! I decided to wait until I was home. But I was sooo tired when I got home around 4:30PM that I went for a nap instead! After a 2 hour nap, I tried again to muster some energy! Finally at 9:30PM I laced up my shoes and did the bare minimum! 1 meesley mile and I was DONE!!!

Update…my nieces did run in the 10K race and they did GREAT!!!! Congrats Lisa and Desta! Your aunt is very proud of you!!! And you even came to the beach after! You guys rock!!!

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