What Have I Done?

bike-with-cob-websIf you read my post yesterday, you know I registered to take part in the SheROX Triathlon on my 44th birthday! Exciting, huh? Well, now that the hype has worn off a little, and I’m setting up my training schedule, I’m starting to think…What Have I Done? Don’t get me wrong I am still excited about the adventure of a sprint distance triathlon. I’m just a little overwhelmed by all the thousands of training options, the gizmos and gadgets that everyone says I need, and the expense of this adventure.

I always tell me kids that if they break a problem down into smaller problems, it will be easier to find a solution. So let’s break it down:

Run: Let’s remember that I am a runner first! So training for the run won’t be difficult for me. In fact, I have a 10K race in March that I am also training for, so I am not too worried about the run. Now running after a swim and a bike, is another story! “What have I done?”

Bike: I don’t mind biking, I just don’t do it a lot. I don’t have a fancy racing bike, and I will not be purchasing one in the near future. I will ride my semi nice hybrid bike, which is now sitting in the garage with flat tires and covered with cob webs. But, with a little TLC it will be good as new! I think I could handle a 16 mile bike race. But after swimming ½ mile, I just don’t know about that!  “What have I done?”

Swim…well this will be probably be my weakest link. Not because I don’t know how, I mean, my mom taught swimming at the local YMCA when I was growing up, so I am a card carrying member of the Minnows. I just haven’t used this skill in a very long time. I can tread water for 30 to 40 minutes, but swimming 1/2 mile in open water with no breaks and other women swimming over top of you…hmmm…I don’t know! Now, I am told that there are “swim angels” available to help us if we need it, but I don’t want to need help! And who thought of putting the hardest leg of the race first? Obviously a swimmer did! “What have I done?”

So I broke it down, and I’m still not feeling a warm, fuzzy!  But, I am nothing if not determined! I will cross that finish line with a smile on my face, as I ask myself one last time “What have I done?” But this time the answer will be SUCCEEDED!!