The Morning After…

Can you find me? Hint...I'm the sweaty one!

Can you find me? Hint...I'm the sweaty one!

OK, I had a TERRIFIC weekend!!!! I spent 3 sun-filled days at the beach with my girlfriends, enjoying the sun & surf! We ate lots of junk food and drank…a lot!!! I did, however, get my runs in!!!! I even ran what I am calling my Girls’ Gone Wild 10K! In case you haven’t been following the blog…I was suppose to run in a 10K race with my nieces, but decided that a weekend with my girlfriends was more important for my sanity! But, since I had already agreed to run a 10K, I decided to run it on my own! And I did! Even after a late night of adult beverages and junk food! Not to mention running on the beach, that, while it sounds amazing, is actually quite difficult!! (My legs are still sore!) The proof is in the picture! I’m the sweaty one!! Poor Jen and Kay had to stand beside me! They really ARE good friends!!!

The run on Sunday was actually harder for me than the 10K! You see we were out carousing until 4:00AM and I woke up at 8:00AM for no apparent reason! 4 hours of sleep and a few Stella’s make for a very grumpy ME!! I did not run at the beach as I had planned! I decided to wait until I was home. But I was sooo tired when I got home around 4:30PM that I went for a nap instead! After a 2 hour nap, I tried again to muster some energy! Finally at 9:30PM I laced up my shoes and did the bare minimum! 1 meesley mile and I was DONE!!!

Update…my nieces did run in the 10K race and they did GREAT!!!! Congrats Lisa and Desta! Your aunt is very proud of you!!! And you even came to the beach after! You guys rock!!!

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Your Mind – Your Run

believe-edited-by-baiI am up early this morning, for no apparent reason. Ok, it could have been some sort of snoring, snorting or choking sound coming from either my husband or my dog, (I couldn’t tell) but shhhh don’t tell them. So here I am 6:30 am, still dark outside and a little nip in the air. It is a perfect time to go out for my long run. Today, according to my training schedule, I am to run 6 miles in 66 minutes, a little slower than I like, but I have to remember I’m training to run longer not faster. So I need to set a slow and steady pace and let me mind wander.  But what will it ponder today? What did it ponder yesterday during the race? Hmmm, I don’t really remember. It’s kind of like trying to remember a dream. During the dream, everything is so vivid and alive, then you wake up and poof, it fades. Yesterday, I remember feeling as though I was solving all the world’s problems, but now I can’t remember even one solution. Why not?

When I run I try not to think too much about form and speed. I enjoy allowing my mind to flit from how to get the kids to clean up their rooms to feeding the hungry around the world. And it happens just that quickly too. One second I’m planning our dinner menu and shopping list, the next I’m wondering how we can achieve world peace and then it’s on to what size shoes does my son need. My excuse…I’m a Mom, it’s what I do! Or, maybe, this is just a manifestation of my undiagnosed ADHD-type tendencies? I don’t know but I always feel better when I return!

I think it is a form of self-help therapy. Not only are you solving problems, but you also aren’t thinking about how long or hard or hot this particular run is. It’s the theory of distraction. Here’s a question to ponder…if your body feels exhaustion but your mind is too busy to process it, are you really exhausted? I think that is where I will start my run today!