Lose It

Lose It!

Lose It!

Ok all you iPhone and iPod Touch users, I’ve found an app that I can’t live without! And I think you won’t be able to either! It’s called “Lose It” and it’s a free (yup that’s right, I said FREE) application available at iTunes. Why is it so great? Well, it helps you Lose It…weight that is! You set it up with a few simple questions about your current weight, and your goals whether it be to lose, gain or maintain. From this information, Lose It sets up a per day calorie intake goal. Then, when you eat you simply enter it into the app. They’ve made it really easy, because they have databases with the most popular name brands and restaurants. Can’t find your favorite Tofutti Fudge Bar? No worries, you can enter it in from the nutrition info on the box. Have a special recipe, but don’t know how many calories or fat grams… it’s OK, because you can add it. Adding a new food or recipe is a breeze!

Now comes the best part!!! It also tracks your calories burned through exercise. And I don’t mean just those burned through aerobics, spinning or running. It also counts calories burned through house cleaning, vacuuming and (whisper) sex!  I know….it is SOOO COOL!!! So, imagine you have made it through dinner and you’re at your limit for the day, but you’re still a little hungry. You forgot that you actually cleaned the house and vacuumed the carpet. Enter those in and BOOM…you have another 150 or so calories you can eat!! It actually makes you want to exercise and clean!

Well, I originally started this back in February and did great tracking for a while, then went on vacation and let it lapse for a week or two. Then, I started again a couple of weeks ago, and have been diligent about logging everything! AND, I have lost…drumroll please….5 pounds! Whooooohoooo!

So if you have an iPhone or iTouch, I highly recommend this application!


Eye to Eye…with a beast!!!

raccoonIf you read my training page you probably already heard about my encounter…but if not, let me recap the experience for you!

I procrastinated yesterday, and before I realized, it was 10:00PM and I still had to get my 1 mile run in! So, I laced up my shoes and grabbed my ipod and started out the door. But, my husband, sweety that he is, said he would come out with me and walk while I ran my normal route. He is the sweetest man…EVER!!! I hate running in the darkness of night by myself!  The darkness of morning, I am fine with…go figure!

So, we set off and I ran ahead, tunes cranked, thinking about world peace and tomorrow’s dinner menu. As I came around the bend in our street, not even 200 yards from our house, I saw a shadowy figure hunched over a pile of tree branches. I immediately thought that it was one of the wild, or shall I say homeless, cats that live in our neighborhood. But after a double, triple and quadruple take, I realized that this “CAT” was HUGE!!! If it was a homeless cat, then it must have eaten its home and everything in it! Suddenly it looked up and locked eyes with me! I didn’t know what to do! What’s the protocol when running into a homeless cat? Don’t make eye contact…do make eye contact…act dominant…act subservient? I couldn’t think!

It’s yellow beady eyes stayed on me as it slowly crossed the street in front of me. It stopped at the curb and raised up onto its back legs,standing-raccoon showing its full size! YIKES!!! It really was HUGE!!! But I could tell, now, that it was a raccoon, a very well fed raccoon! This thing was twice the size of my overweight cocker spaniel! Obviously, it was not afraid of me! I figured that the sound of my feet hitting the pavement would scare it away, but… uh… no!  It just stayed there, raised up on his haunches watching me as if he were critiquing my technique! Again my brain froze and I couldn’t think of what I should do. Normally, my brain would scream “RUN!!”…but I was already running…just in the wrong direction! Finally, it clicked, and I abruptly turned around!

My husband, not knowing what was going on, looked puzzled as he chuckled at me sprinting back towards him, with a look of terror on my face.  I explained what had happened and we continued on towards the raccoon. I  was hiding behind him as we approached the beast again! Evidently, we looked a little more daunting, because the beast sauntered off into the bushes, without even looking back.

I continued my run, but I couldn’t help but think about the family of dumpster-diving black bears that live near our neighborhood, too. Needless to say, I ran my fastest mile…EVER!!

Injury! :(

Florida Rain

Florida Rain

Well, the weather today in FL is very wet and dreary, which fits with my mood. You see, I may have an injury. I’m not sure, but my big toe on my left foot is a little suspect. It is a little pink around the nail bed and every once in a while I can feel it throbbing. I’m hoping that it is just a passing thing, but it may actually be a toe nail injury, which would really stink! While it isn’t hurting all the time, it has made itself known in the wee hours of the morning, by waking me. Yet, it doesn’t hurt when I run! Go figure! My toes have plenty of room in my running shoes, so it isn’t like they are jamming into the end with every step. But there is something going on, that’s for sure!

So, you know, I have this new challenge to run at least a mile everyday! Well, I am wondering if this injury isn’t a result of that. Could the excess running be causing the injury? Maybe…but then why doesn’t it hurt when I run? I will keep you posted! But I will run!!


_dsc5198So I haven’t written in a while! Not because I didn’t want to! I have been trying to work a little, you know…bring home some bacon… earn my keep… rake in some dough. That paired with my training schedule leaves me no time for blogging. Not to mention, keeping up with Facebook, Twitter and just regular emails…I have NO TIME!!! But today my bike ride got delayed slightly, so I thought I would try to shoot out a quick Thursday morning howdy-ho! Sup? NM, U?

So today is a tri day! I already went for my morning 5k run, my bike ride is within the hour, and I’m swimming tonight! I do love the days that I can actually do all three events at their full length! I feel that if I can do all three spaced out throughout the day, I should definitely be able to do them back to back the day of! Well, that’s what I’m hoping anyway!

Fast Forward…doooododoooo dodooodooddooooo

OK, so I just got back from my bike ride and I went a tad over the 12 miles, that I have to ride in the Danskin Tri. I actually did 20 miles!! Huh, go figure! Now if I just need to keep a float for 1/2 mile swim tonight! I am sooooo hungry! I am finding out that the diet of an athlete is totally different than the diet of a non athlete. I am hungry all the time!!! And not just hungry…STARVING…FAMISHED!!!! I started looking at what I eat in a day and what I should eat in a day. Yeah, I don’t eat enough! Nice problem to have, right? Not really! Let me explain!

I am a vegetarian. More specifically, I like to call myself a pescetarian, since I eat fish. But, I also eat dairy and eggs, so I have many ways to get my protein. I’m also now trying to eat more fresh foods and pulling away from the processed and manufactured foods. If it has an ingredient that I can’t say, I won’t eat it. I just feel better when I keep to the real food! The problem is trying to come up with an on the road, mid-workout snack that is packed with carbs and proteins. My standby is a baggie filled with almonds and craisins, but that gets a little old after a while! I would love a power bar, but again, there’s a lot of junk in those bars and they actually tend to be as bad for you as a candy bar. I tried making a power bar, but the ones I made are gooey and just don’t travel well! So a lot of times I go off for a long run or bike ride without a snack. That’s not healthy, and it makes it really difficult to get the calories I need for the day!

So according to my computations, with all the exercise I did today, I should take in 2500 calories to sustain me. And this will allow me to lose 1 pound this week. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t eat 2500 calories everyday, unless I am working out like I did today! My base calorie intake should be around 1400. Then, when I add exercise, I can add calories. It makes you aware of how your body works and what it needs in terms of fuel. I didn’t reach my 2500 calories today! I am soooo tired I can’t stay awake! I have to go to bed….RIGHT NOW!!!!


The Morning After…

Can you find me? Hint...I'm the sweaty one!

Can you find me? Hint...I'm the sweaty one!

OK, I had a TERRIFIC weekend!!!! I spent 3 sun-filled days at the beach with my girlfriends, enjoying the sun & surf! We ate lots of junk food and drank…a lot!!! I did, however, get my runs in!!!! I even ran what I am calling my Girls’ Gone Wild 10K! In case you haven’t been following the blog…I was suppose to run in a 10K race with my nieces, but decided that a weekend with my girlfriends was more important for my sanity! But, since I had already agreed to run a 10K, I decided to run it on my own! And I did! Even after a late night of adult beverages and junk food! Not to mention running on the beach, that, while it sounds amazing, is actually quite difficult!! (My legs are still sore!) The proof is in the picture! I’m the sweaty one!! Poor Jen and Kay had to stand beside me! They really ARE good friends!!!

The run on Sunday was actually harder for me than the 10K! You see we were out carousing until 4:00AM and I woke up at 8:00AM for no apparent reason! 4 hours of sleep and a few Stella’s make for a very grumpy ME!! I did not run at the beach as I had planned! I decided to wait until I was home. But I was sooo tired when I got home around 4:30PM that I went for a nap instead! After a 2 hour nap, I tried again to muster some energy! Finally at 9:30PM I laced up my shoes and did the bare minimum! 1 meesley mile and I was DONE!!!

Update…my nieces did run in the 10K race and they did GREAT!!!! Congrats Lisa and Desta! Your aunt is very proud of you!!! And you even came to the beach after! You guys rock!!!

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So this morning I actually got myself out the door for a run before the sun was up! Way before the sun was up!!! It was a great morning for a run! 65°F which is the absolute perfect temperature! It’s not so cold that you have to wear a jacket, and not so hot and humid that you can’t breathe! (Ahhhh, Florida humidity, you’ve got to love it! NOT!!) And since the sun wasn’t out it wasn’t blinding me as it came across the lake!  It was really quiet, in fact, I only had to muster the energy to say “good morning” to 1 person! NICE!

I really am puzzled as to why I don’t run in the mornings. I am up at 5:30AM and have plenty of time to squeeze in a run if I would just get out there! I really enjoy the feel of the morning run! There is something exhilarating about going from sleep to 6 mph. There’s nothing better than the feeling of the endorphin rush while everyone else is still in bed! And, of course, there’s the whole getting the run out of the way! My day is free now! I LOVE THE MORNING RUN!!

So, now it is 8:54AM and I’ve already run, showered, dressed, eaten, and guzzled my coffee! Oh and don’t forget the 2 lunches I packed and 3 breakfasts I made…all at different times mind you!  So now what do I do? I’ll  be done with all my “chores” by 10:00AM and the rest of my day is empty!!! Hmmm… what to do…OH I know!!! I’ll go shopping!!! I haven’t done that in a while! (Monday) I really do have a few things that I NEED! So I’ll go stimulate the economy, while edging the family ever closer to needing a bail-out! Wish me luck!


In my last post I made a pledge. A promise to myself, and, as I now know, all of you who follow my silly little blog! I didn’t really think much about this promise, until I started hearing from some of my followers, (huh, followers? Really?) telling me that they are looking forward to hearing about my progress. Really? You care about me? About whether I get off my duff and run a mile or more? Wow! That’s exciting, and actually quite motivating! You see, now it’s not just me hoping that I can do this! There are witnesses and that means the pressure is on!! I kind of like it!

feet-treadmill-walking-smallThese last few days have been interesting! I wake up thinking about when I’m going to fit my run into my “mom” schedule. Wondering how far I should run and how to fit my triathlon training in, too! I’ve had to be a little creative! Running at times that I normally wouldn’t! And even using the dreaded treadmill! You see, I loath the treadmill! I feel like a caged rat exercising for someone else’s entertainment! Being that I live in sunny Florida, I have the luxury of running outside year round. But there are days when I have to use the dreadmill, and today is one of those! UGHHHH! I feel my rat tail growing as we speak!

So, what I’ve noticed is that I start out my run, thinking that I will just run a couple miles. But after I get running, I keep running. It’s nice knowing that I can run just one mile if I want and it will still count towards my goal! But I can’t stop after just a mile! I never thought I would see that day! Take Sunday…I went for a swim and decided to go for the whole 1/2 mile…36 laps. I took A LOT of wall breaks, mind you!  I came home and started out on my run, thinking I would go for a mile and then turn around. But once I got my pace I couldn’t turn around. I kept thinking of the triathlon and how I would be swimming 1/2 mile, biking 12 miles and then running 5K. I could surely complete 2 with no problem, right? Well, again I was exhausted for the rest of the evening! And I still am! OK it could have something to do with losing an hour of sleep! But I am just wiped out!

So while I am continuing to keep my promise to run everyday, I feel as though my body will never get use to all this activity! I mean, I am just mom! Right?